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The 53rd Wednesday by Suz/suzvoy (G, 1,091 words)
Quote: Clark died on a Wednesday.
Review: :o(
Alexander and the Mirror by CJ Andre/cjandre (NC-17, 27,500 words)
Summary: A modern fairy tale in the ancient tradition. You know, the kind where you have to be very careful what you wish for.
Review: I don't often like fairy tale fanfic, but I really like this one. The unfolding of the narrative plot is great!
All the First Times by dogpoet (NC-17, 3,121 words)
Summary: Lex thinks he's done it all, but Clark shows him he hasn't.
Review: H/c, but it makes you hurt first.
Angel by WD Hawthorne (PG-13, 20,258 words)
Summary: Lex is cold and vulnerable and prone to angelic metaphor, Clark warms him up, body and soul; then the boys have to deal with the consequences.
Review: More schmoop than you can poke a stick through - it's chicken soup for the sappy soul! And a well-done Lex 1st POV to boot. Lex is cold/Clark warms him is one of my favorite clichés, and this is its finest execution.
Aphrodesia by Lenore/scribblinlenore (NC-17, 6,257 words)
Summary: Clark can't eat saffron. But Lex forgives him. An alien aphrodisiac fantasia.
Review: Highly recommended. Top!Clark, aljskads. Warning for a bit of non-/dub-con.
April Fools by nortylaK/muse_attack (R, 2,629 words)
Summary: Clark picks the wrong day to exit the closet.
Review: Good humour-fic, hee.
Aria by rose_emily/toomuchplor (PG-13, 3,344 words)
Quote: Clark nodded, politely agreeing. 'I'm open-minded,' he stated, as though trying to convince himself.
As open as a Smallville business on a Sunday morning, appended Lex mentally.
Review: Loved this. Pseudo-somnophilia, *squee*.
Attack of the Gay Enhancing Meteor Rocks by nortylaK/muse_attack (PG, 555 words)
Quote: Mr. Luthor, it seems that this mineral has been having…interesting effects on those who come into contact with it.
Review: Heheh. Short and silly, but definitely funny.
Companion of My Obsolescence by Lenore/scribblinlenore (NC-17, 5,433 words)
Summary: Living forever is not all it's cracked up to be.
Review: I just like this better every time I read it. I know authors don't like the word used about their fics, but it's just so darn cute (not fuzzy-bunnies cute, but the other cute). And funny. Love it. The only way-future fic I can imagine liking.
Conflicts of Interest by Pru/rageprufrock (R [pre-slash], 56,202 words) !
Summary: In which Clark is a not-so-mild-mannered reporter, Lex is a biological fugitive, and someone is mold.
Review: I love this fic so much. Probably my favorite SV fic of all time. Definitely the best Lex-characterization I have ever read. Great writing and narration. Characters that will stay with you forever. I doubt there's anyone who hasn't read this, but if not, you're in for a treat. Even if you're not a Clex-shipper - even if you're not a slasher - I can't imagine anyone not liking this.
Sequel: Visiting Hours (+ Snapshot: Conner and Geoffrey and Arc [WIP]).
Cookie Dough & Candy Hearts by Dayspring ([PG-13], 3,821 words)
Summary: Lex, liquor, and Martha Kent?
Review: Oh, hi, I'm a sucker for platonic!Lex/Martha.
Le Dormeur du Val by Pun (NC-17, 10,966 words) !
Quote: Lex remembered this feeling, this craving, dependence … obsession. The abject terror that hands so powerful and careless should never be allowed to hold anything as fragile as Lex's heart.
Review: Gah, the writing in this just kills me, it's so damn beautiful. And it's so wonderfully narrated, with such a fragile, desperate mood.
Drilling Holes by Lady Ra/ladyra (NC-17, 22,867 words)
Summary: Clark's sex drive comes on-line along with the heat vision, but things aren't going well.
Review: This felt weirdly disjointed to me the first time I read it - like it was three fics strung together. I've returned to it more than once, though, so something's obviously working for me. I'm guessing the emo-porn and alien!porn, *nods*.
Eavesdropping by Lady Ra/ladyra (R, 7,455 words)
Summary: Jonathan gets a wake-up call about Lex.
Review: Yay, good Jonathan!fic! Love this, well-told and funny and aww.
Five Things That Never Happened to Lex Luthor by RivkaT/rivkat (G, 13,757 words)
Summary: Everything happens for the best in this best of all possible worlds.
Review: Oh, I love this. Or 1, 3, and 4, at least. They are absolutely gorgeous and heart-wrenching. (Found this looking for smutty Lex/Martha - turned out that wasn't what I wanted at all…)
Future Legend by sparklebutch (NC-17, 10,538 words)
Quote: He hadn't meant to close his eyes; he wanted to see the ground coming towards him at high speed. He wanted to taste the last moment of his life. But apparently his eyelids shut involuntarily in the wind.
Review: Loved this. It plays on so many of my kinks and likes, such as a slow, slow narration, where sometimes not much seems to happen. But it does. The whole Superman/Clark Kent dichotomy, wow.
Golden by CJ Andre/cjandre & reetchick (NC-17, 28,787 words)
Quote: Lex smirked at his wishful thinking, but he knew that whatever the situation, he could handle it. Then, confronted with the sight in front of him, he realized that maybe he couldn't handle it at all.
Review: Alien sex, eee. And angst. And sex. And Lex - and Clark! - dealing with the Alien. Sex thing. My favorite in this genre.
Good Questions by Mererid (NC-17, 16,483 words)
Summary: He had no idea where he'd put it, but he was definitely keeping it. Bronzing it did seem a little extreme. He'd think of something.
Review: This ought to be called "Okay, so your teenage lover is an alien with a [spoiler] and no one ever bothered telling him about it. What do you do?" I'm a total sucker for the alien thing - how very unsurprising that's what got me into SV fandom in the first place, *g*.
The Hinge Moment by Vivian Darkbloom/tasabian (NC-17, 14,811 words)
Summary: Superman has a bad day; Lex just happens to be there.
Review: I love Yves :o) ! Just a lovely fic, good narration and emotional suspense. And domesticity, whee.
The Lazarus Gap by Dolimir/dolomir_k (NC-17, 40,648 words)
Quote: I've always known you were capable of not only great things, but good things as well.
Review: The kind of fic that has it all: humour, plot, romance, tragedy, schmoop. The intro doesn't work for me, so I blythely skim/skip it. But the rest more than delivers if you like emo-porn.
The Lex Protector by Suz/suzvoy (PG, 2,110 words)
Summary: There is no way on Earth Lex is agreeing to this.
Review: I love when fic is cheeky to Lex like this.
A Life More Ordinary by jenn/seperis (R, 4,033 words)
Summary: It wasn't sudden, and Lex didn't know it was happening until it had. And then he did.
Review: Domesticity and fluff, *happy sigh*.
Maybe Baby by Jas Masson (PG-13, 10,393 words)
Summary: Lex has a problem.
Review: Ickle!Lex!
Mercy by Koi/koimistress (NC-17, 26,633 words)
Summary: What is truth?
Review: This fucked with me. It has a horribly cruel scene towards the beginning that was almost too much. But it's a very good read.
No Choice by Kate/mskatej (NC-17, 2,825 words)
Summary: Clark is in heat.
Review: Clark in heat, sjkdsjkd adskldj. Gah, this is so hot. And a little scary! But definitely hot. Or definitely scary.
(There is a second part linked at the bottom, but it lacks the punch of the first, imo.)
Passionate Productions by Lenore/scribblinlenore (NC-17, 8,312 words)
Summary: What's a boy like Clark to do when he needs money for college?
Review: Kink!fic, yay! Also, I'm way too turned on by Clark being turned on at the thought of Martha catching him jerking off…
Reconcilable Differences by shalott/astolat ([R], 40,113 words)
Summary: Luthor Family Values.
Review: Great story, great narration, great characterizations - just an all-round long, good read.
Sequel: Vacation.
Sequelae by lastscorpion (PG, 7,699 words)
Summary: First there's a Rift. Then there's an exploded lab. Then people go on vacation.
Review: Well-narrated, sweet and funny, and I love when Lex thinks he's saving people from teh ev0l alien.
Skin Deep by RivkaT/rivkat (NC-17, 27,737 words)
Quote: Somehow, overnight, he'd - come on, he could think it - he'd turned into a girl. With breasts. In Lex's bed, naked.
Review: Gender-switch, obviously! Funny and hot.
Sleep While I Drive by jenn/seperis (NC-17, 37,760 words)
Summary: A CLexian fairy tale. It's the journey, not the destination.
Review: This grew on me on each subsequent reading. Great character study, wonderful slow narration.
The Toy Store by Henry Jones Jr/sabershadowkat (PG, 1,523 words)
Summary: There was one highlight to the job (especially working in action figures) and that was the adorable parade of geeks that came in whenever a new figure was released.
Review: Awww.

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