Supernatural Recs

SPN is the only fandom I read gen in. This is because even the gen fics are all about Sam&Dean.

Sam&Dean - gen

Evil As You Say by laytoncolt (PG-13, 1,099 words)
Summary: You can only hold to your delusions for so long.
Review: Eep, I don't like dark!fic, but this is just short enough that I can bear it.
Held by eloise_bright/Eloise (PG, 1,654 words, pre-series)
Summary: Three times Wee!Dean holds his baby brother.
Review: I have so much love for the first one. *Sniffles*, stupid dust.
Somatic by Stillane (PG-13, 4,773 words) !
Summary: Sam, on a bad day and from the outside.
Review: This owns me - hands down my favorite gen SPN fic. Gah, for perfect non-linear narration!
There'll be peace when you are done by lyra_wing (PG-13, 1,894 words)
Summary: It sucks to know your fate.
Review: :o(
Things Sam has not missed about this life by cupiscent ([PG-13], 1,216 words)
Summary: Ten things Sam hasn't missed about this life, and one thing he has.
Review: This makes me happy in my brain.
When Siblings eAttack by eighth_horizon/gekizetsu (R for language, 700 words, pre-series)
Summary: The real reason Sam doesn't answer the phone when Dean calls.
Review: The fic that turned me onto gen. Funny, with just a teeny-tiny amount of hurt.

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Sam&/Dean - pre-slash

Care and Feeding by fools_game (PG, 5,599 words)
Summary: The cat tipped its head back and looked up. "Sam, is that you?" There was a moment, and then the cat nodded slowly, up and down.
Review: Very cute and funny fic.
Sequel: For Keeps (wincest, NC-17, 6183 words).
Hopeful Monster by monster_of_hope (PG-13, 12,158 words)
Summary: The boys go hunting in Idaho. Dean accepts his destiny.
Review: Good MotW story, but it's the pre-slash-if-you-choose that gets me a-squee.
That I Could Travel Light by Kres (R, ca. 25,000 words) !
Summary: Amnesia fic. And then again, not really.
Review: Warning: Labelled gen by the author, but has some sort-of-wincest-y goings-on. One of those fics that will leave a lasting impression on me. Love the narration, the building of the plot, the characterization.

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Sam/Dean - slash

A Priori by memphis86 (NC-17, 17,672 words)
Summary: He wakes up half-blind, not able to remember anything. Then Dean Winchester shows up to complicate things.
Review: Amnesia!fic. I like this one.
And the Highway Lines Pass By by philalethia (NC-17, 31,030 words)
Summary: Sam and Dean in the first three months following the S2 finale.
Review: Slow narration, slow build-up, domesticity - it's perfect.
Back Country Roadmap by astolat (NC-17, 3,299 words)
Summary: Hell, if Sam had earned his happy ending, Dean had earned his too.
Review: This set-up/plot, it takes a pretty good author to pull it off. Luckily this is written by astolat, *nod*.
Hiding in Plain Sight by antiship (NC-17, 5,502 words)
Summary: Dean loses Sam.
Review: Well-told and hot.
In the valley of the shadow by fleshflutter (Sam/Jess/Madison/Dean and variations thereof, NC-17, 1,012 words)
Quote: Gorgeous, golden Jess and the shadows and translucence of Madison. No wonder Sam couldn't bear to let them go.
Review: Love this; disturbing, but well written!
I Wanna Hold You 'Til I Die by lazy_daze (NC-17, ca. 4,600 words)
Summary: Cuddly!Dean.
Review: Schmoop and hot sex <3
Last Outpost Of All That Is by gekizetsu/eighth_horizon (NC-17, ca. 61,700 words)
Summary: The world is over, and it's a Winchester's lot in life to cope with anything - no matter what. The boys struggle to deal with a world that's almost unrecognizable. Searching for what they need keeps bringing them face to face with each other.
Review: The very concept of apocalypse!fic freaks me out. But it is also a fascinating concept. This was very good.
Moths on the Mirror by fleshflutter (NC-17, 18,978 words)
Summary: There's something wrong in Red Haven Hospital for the Criminally Insane, but no one's going to listen to a psychopath like Dean Winchester.
Review: Amnesia!fic and mental-institution!fic. Good read.
Old Country by astolat ([R], 40,647 words, SPN/HP crossover) !
Summary: Sam and Dean go to Hogwarts.
Review: I'm tempted to add this to gen, too, because the sex aside, it totally reads like gen. In a good way. I'm amazed how astolat manages to integrate these two universes - of course we see things from an SPN POV, so to speak, but it is still unmistakably the Wizarding World. I love the Dean/kids interaction SO MUCH. Very good read.
Res Gestae by Littlest Yo (R, ca. 30,000 words)
Summary: When Dean disappears on a hunt, the last thing Sam expects is the help of another psychic in trying to find him.
Review: There is one scene that bothers me, but I think you can justify it within the universe of the fic. The rest of it I love to bits.
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others by Felis (PG-13, ca. 14,600 words)
Summary: "Seriously, Sam, what the hell? When did you turn into a thirteen year old girl?"
Review: Cracky fun.
The Turn Of The Wheel by gekizetsu/eighth_horizon (NC-17 overall, series)
Summary: Dean is bitchslapped by an elemental and it's Sam who has to cope.
Review: This series is a tease. But a lot can be forgiven wing!fic with hot wingcest.
Threw Away the Sun by ladyjanelly (NC-17, AU, ca. 10,500 words)
Summary: Six months after John Winchester goes missing on a hunt, Dean Goes to Palo Alto to find a psychic.
Review: Liked this a lot.

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